Prince David Osei: More people in Nigeria stream my movies than in Ghana.



Prince David Osei, a multi-award-winning actor and producer from Ghana, shared his thoughts on the streaming patterns of his films and pointed out a big difference in the tastes of Ghanaian and Nigerian viewers. He claims that Nigerians are more passionate about his work than.

Ghanaians are, and they stream his movies more frequently. The well-known actor revealed this information while voicing concern about the amount of support and gratitude Ghanaians provide to their creative sector, particularly in the areas of entertainment and music.

The fact that Nigeria, our neighbor, has become extremely well-known throughout the world for its music is no secret. They have successfully marketed and promoted their music, enthralling listeners worldwide. In the social media era, effective marketing is essential to ensuring our creative endeavors have the desired impact and success.


Ghanaians would continue to listen to Nigerian music on streaming services across the globe, even if DJs stopped spinning it at events and parties. We have to accept this as reality. “Musicians such as Black Sheriff, King Promise, Sark, Stonebwoy, and Gyakie, among others, have observed that their music is being streamed more in Nigeria than in Ghana,” he posted on social media.

As an actor, I’ve noticed that Nigerians stream my movies more frequently than Ghanaians. The popular screen god went on. The fact that over 1.5 million of the views on some of my YouTube videos originate from Nigeria specifically depresses me.
More than anything, Prince urged Ghanaians to develop the same sense of self-worth and self-compassion as Nigerians. Nothing will change, he says, unless Ghanaians adopt a new perspective, express love, and give their musicians, actors, athletes, and other creatives more appreciation.

We cannot make someone watch a particular movie or listen to a certain type of music in this social media age. But by refocusing on our own local talent and providing them with the love and support they deserve, we can make a difference.”Let’s resist the pull of foreign telenovelas that appear on our screens all the time. Though our families have grown accustomed to them, it is our responsibility to buck the trend. We can only celebrate and elevate our own superstars and celebrities by showing them our appreciation and support.


“I invite everyone to accompany me on this journey of recognizing and showcasing the diverse range of skills that Ghanaians have to offer. When we work together, we can change things and bring forth a more promising future for our creative sector,” he continued.

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